IMST’s 60 GHz Radar Module sR60-12RLi is designed for high accuracy and high resolution distance measurements for industrial applications. The radar is integrated in a waterproofed housing. The dielectric lens allows a very narrow beam angle for a small measuring field of view. Different lenses can be mounted to adapt the radar to different applications. The module has a very low weight and is particularly cost-effective. This radar is optimized for precise range measurements, direction estimation or collision avoidance. Typical industrial applications are: Automation and positioning of cranes, process control and monitoring, tracking of goods or measurement of spatial parameters.

Modulation CW / FMCW
Operating Frequency57 GHz … 64 GHz
Number of Channels 1 Transmit- (Tx) and 2 Receive-Channels (Rx), with I/Q demodulator for each channel
Data InterfaceSPI, USB, SSI, 20mA Current Loop, GPIOs
Antenna TypeChip-Integrated Patch Antennas (1Tx + 2Rx)
Antenna Characteristics (w/o lens)65° Azimuth x 60° Elevation
... with round dielectric lens8° Azimuth x 7° Elevation
Antenna Polarizationlinear
Measurement Range0 m ... 50 m (@ BW = 6 GHz)
Range (reflector with RCS=8dBm²)28 m (verified measurement with lens)
Range (reflector with RCS=18dBm²)40 m (verified measurement with lens)
Range Resolutionmax. 25 mm (@ BW = 6 GHz)
Measurement Accuracymax. 1 mm (@ BW = 6 GHz)
Angle Accuracytbc.
Number of TD Samples2048
Frequency Ramp Duration2 ms ... 2 s
Update Ratetyp. 100 Hz
Output Power (EIRP)-15 dBm ... 13 dBm (tunable)
... with dielectric lens-3 dBm ... 25 dBm (tunable)
Operating Temperaturemin. -40° C, max. 60° C
Operation Voltage11 V ... 36 V DC
Standby Power1.2 W
Operating Power2.0 W
Current Loop Voltage7.5 V … 40 V
SPI Clock Frequency10 kHz … 1MHz
SPI Voltage Level3.3V (Input & Output)
GPIO Voltage Level3.3V (Input & Output)
SSI Clock FrequencyTBD
SSI Voltage Level±0.2V to ±15V (differential)
USB Data RateUSB 2.0 compatible, up to 3 Mbaud
USB Operating Current10 mA
Dimension (L x W x H) 80mm x 78mm x 55mm
Weight200 g (without cable)
Mounting4 Mounting Holes (Ø 4mm)
Cable and Connector12-pin Connector for Power Supply, Current Loop,
SSI, SPI, GPIOs, internal USB Connector
Protection CodeIP 65

Product Data Sheet sR60-12RLi

More details about the sR60-12RLi can be found in the product data sheet.

60 GHz FMCW Radar Developer Kit and Module
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