The IMST 24 GHz FMCW SENTIRETM Radar Development Kit DK-sR-1200e consists of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) called SenTool and the Radar Module sR-1200e. SenTool makes it easy to configure the sensor and to measure, visualize and analyze the data of the radar in several different plots. Also the provided high level algorithms Human Tracker and Range Finder can be adjusted and run. The measured data can easily be saved and also be replayed afterwards.

sR-1200e in black and transparent housing

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CE Approval incl. RED (2014/53/EC): Declaration of Conformity for DK-sR-1200e:


SenTool offers a wide range of functions:

  • Configuration of the Radar and the interface.
  • Radar Selection out of several connected Radars.
  • High level measurement modes as Human Tracking and Range Finding.
  • Measurement Monitoring in different presentation forms: Time Domain, Frequency Domain, PhaseDomain, Polar Plot, History Plot, Range Plot.
  • Storing and Restoring of measurement data in binary or ASCII format.
  • Offline Viewing of measurement data without connection to the Radar.
  • Animated or Static display of recorded data.
  • Magnifying View.
  • Firmware upware via Ethernet interface.
  • Implementation of User-Defined-Functions.

PC-Software “SenTool”: Data Plots

PC-Software “SenTool”: Parameter Setting

APP-Software “SenTool”: Data Plots (Android)

APP-Software “SenTool”: Parameter Setting (Android)

How to connect and operate the radar via Ethernet (Power-over-Ethernet) with a PC:

How to connect the radar via Wireless Router with a Tablet (Android):