The Sentire™ Radar Developer Kit DK-sR-1030e is a plug & play radar solution as a demonstration and development platform. It features a single chip-IC from Infineon for the radar functionality. The 24 GHz Radar has one transmit and two receive antennas/channels. Thus, it is well suited for distance, angle and speed measurements in FMCW or Doppler mode. The DK comes with a single radar module with connectorized antenna ports, thus has no antennas. The Developer Kit DK-sR-1030e comes along with a configuration and visualization tool - SenTool™ for Windows™ PCs. The GUI includes basic radar configuration settings, data plotting as well as target recognition and tracking capabilities. Furthermore, this product features Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) functionality for powering the devices and for data transmission.

The Developer Kit includes the GUI software SenTool.

Radar module DK-sR-1030e with external patch antenna A-sR-1032

Modulation:FMCW / CW
Operating Frequency:24.0GHz - 24.25GHz (ISM band)
Number of Channels:1 Tx, 2 Rx (with I/Q demodulator each)
Data InterfaceEthernet (with Power-over-Ethernet, PoE)
Three RF Connectors:RPC-2.92, 50 Ohm, DC to 40 GHz, female
Connector Compatibility:APC-3.5, GPC-3.5, SMA, RPC-3.5, K
Three Coax Adapters:2.9mm Male-Male, DC to 40 GHz
Antenna Type:external Patch Antenna
Antenna Characteristics:90° Azimuth, 24° Elevation
Antenna Gain:9 dBi
Antenna Polarization:linear
Min. Measurement Range:0.6m (@ ISM band)
Max. Measurement Range:307m (@ ISM band)
Range Resolution:max. 0.6m (@ ISM band)
Max./Min. Speed (theoretical):±3200m/s
Speed Resolution: 6.25m/s (@ 24GHz, CW Mode)2° - 3°
Angle Measurement Accuracy:
Frequency Ramp Duration:1ms - 100ms
Typical Update Rate:10Hz - 200Hz (depending on application)
Output Power (EIRP):-2dBm - 7dBm (tunable)
Min. Operating Temperature:-40°C
Max. Operating temperature:60°C (@ duty cycle < 50%)
Operation Voltage:44V - 54V (PoE)
Standby Power:3.0W
Operating Power:4.5W
Dimensions (L x W x H):98mm x 87mm x 42.5mm (Housing)
114mm x 87mm x 42.5mm (with Bushing)
Weight:280g (with cable)
Mounting:4 Mounting Holes (5mm)
Connection Cable and Connector:CAT-6 with RJ45 Female Plug (Ethernet)
Housing:No specific Protection

Product Data Sheet DK-sR-1030e

More details about the DK-sR-1030e can be found in the product data sheet.

Data Sheet

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