IMST’s 24 GHz FMCW SENTIRETM Radar is available as Developer Kit. The Kit includes the radar module sR-1030e with an Ethernet (Power-over-Ethernet) interface and a PC software with graphical user interface for radar parameter setting and visualization of radar data.

The housing includes three coaxial connectors (RPC-2.92 mechanically compatible with RPC-3.50 and SMA) for one external transmit and two external receive antennas. The receive channels measure I/Q data. A/D conversion, signal processing, ramp generation and parameter setting are done by an integrated TI Digital Signal Controller. The radar module features an Ethernet (Power-over-Ethernet) interface. Other interfaces can be supported on request. External patch antennas are available (A-sR-1032: linear polarized, A-sR-1033: circular polarized). (The housing is not waterproofed.)

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Down-Load Technical Data:

SenTool offers a wide range of functions:

  • Configuration of the Radar and the interface.
  • Radar Selection out of several connected Radars.
  • High level measurement modes as Human Tracking and Range Finding.
  • Measurement Monitoring in different presentation forms: Time Domain, Frequency Domain, PhaseDomain, Polar Plot, History Plot, Range Plot.
  • Storing and Restoring of measurement data in binary or ASCII format.
  • Offline Viewing of measurement data without connection to the Radar.
  • Animated or Static display of recorded data.
  • Magnifying View.
  • Firmware upware via Ethernet interface.
  • Implementation of User-Defined-Functions.

PC-Software “SenTool”: Data Plots

PC-Software “SenTool”: Parameter Setting

APP-Software “SenTool”: Data Plots (Android)

APP-Software “SenTool”: Parameter Setting (Android)

How to connect and operate the radar via Ethernet (Power-over-Ethernet) with a PC:

How to connect the radar via Wireless Router with a Tablet (Android):