The SenTool software is part of the radar developer kits. It is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for radar parameter settings and radar data visualization. SenTool makes it easy to configure each "sentire Radar" and to measure, visualize and analyze the radar data in different plots. SenTool is specifically adapted to the individual sentire radar modules by IMST. The following screen shots show examples for a 60 GHz FMCW radar.

SenTool offers a wide range of functions

  • Configuration of the radar parameters and interface settings
  •  Radar selection out of several connected radars
  • High level measurement modes as target detection, tracking and range finding
  •  Measurement data monitoring in different presentation forms like Time Domain, Frequency Domain, Phase Domain, Polar Plot, History Plot, Range Plot
  • Data zoom, markers, max. hold ...
  • Storing of measurement data in binary or text format
  •  Firmware update

Data Plot: Frequency Domain

Data Plot: Time Domain

Data Plot: Target Display

Tabs for Radar Parameter and Data Settings

Radar Setup


Range Finder

Target List