IMST can help to find suitable standard gain horn antennas for connection with the radar module sR-1030e or the developer kit DK-sR-1030. Different horn types with specific antenna gains are available on the market. The radar sR-1030e can be operated with one transmit and one receive antenna and a 50 Ohm termination for the second receive channel or with one transmit and two receive antennas. sR-1030e can be operated with:

A)     Two single external antennas connected by two coaxial cables plus one coaxial 50-Ohm termination,

B)     Three single external antennas and three coaxial cables,

C)     PCB with three linear patch-antennas, A-sR-1032,

D)     PCB with three circular-polarized patch-antennas, A-sR-1033.

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