sR-1800e: 1Tx + 8Rx

The sR-1800e is a new development of a 24 GHz radar frontend with a Rotman Lens as a beamforming network. The main objective is the accurate detection and localization of multiple targets at the same distance from the radar system. Interferometric systems determine the direction for a target with the phase difference through at least two receiving antennas. If multiple targets are located on the same distance but another angle or via multipath dispersion, the measurements can’t discriminate between these targets. The sR-1800e has one transmit and eight receive antennas and communicates via an Ethernet interface with the hosting PC. The proposed system can be used for different applications, e.g. collision avoidance or monitoring of critical areas.

Radar chipset from Analog Devices.

See Application Note: HR_HZ_DK_sR-1800e_Radar_17_11_E