77/79 GHz FMCW Radar

sR77-3401e is a development environment for 77/79 GHz FMCW radar with Infineon radar chip RXS8160 and AURIXTM multicores radar signal processor TC39x. IMST’s develpment tool is scalable for one ore two radar frontends. Each frontend consists of 3 transmitters (3 Tx) and four receivers (4 Rx). The frequency bands from 76 to 77 GHz (LRR) and 77 to 81 GHz (MRR) for automotive and traffic telematics can be applied. IMST is Preferred Design House (PDH) of Infineon and offers radar development based on this technology. Development services include antenna/RF frontend design, digital signal processing, radar characterization and radar control software.

77 GHz frequency band: LRR/ACC/AD
79 GHz frequency band: SRR/MRR/AD

ACC: Adaptive Cruise Control
AD: Autonomous Driving
LRR: Long Range Radar
MRR: Medium Range Radar
SRR: Short Range Radar