60 GHz FMCW Radar

60 GHz radar modules with antennas on chip and different dielectric lenses. The new modules have 1 transmit and 2 receive I/Q antennas/channels and a bandwidth up to 6 GHz.

These 60GHz FMCW radar sensors are designed for high accuracy and high resolution distance measurements for industrial applications. The modules are integrated in waterproofed housings. The dielectric lens allows a very narrow beam angle for a small measuring field of view. Different lenses can be mounted to adapt the radar to different applications. The modules have a very low weight and are particularly cost-effective. These radars are optimized for precise range measurements, direction estimation or collision avoidance. Typical industrial applications are: Automation and positioning of cranes, process control and monitoring, tracking of goods or measurement of spatial parameters.

  • sR60-1200i, 1 Tx, 2 Rx, Industrial Interfaces*, w/o Lens, Azimuth = 65°, Elevation = 60° at -3dB, Pout = -15 … 13 dBm (tunable)
  • sR60-12RLi, 1 Tx, 2 Rx, Industrial Interfaces*, Round Lens, Azimuth = 8°, Elevation = 7° at -3dB, Pout = 5 … 33 dBm (tunable)
  • sR60-12RLe, 1 Tx, 2 Rx, Ethernet Interface, Round Lens, Azimuth = 6°, Elevation = 11° at -3dB, Gain = 18 dBi
  • sR60-12CLe, 1 Tx, 2 Rx, Ethernet Interface, Cylindrical Lens, Azimuth = 23°, Elevation = 9° at -3dB, Gain = 4 … 10 dBi (depending on lens to chip orientation)

Down-Load Technical Data:

*Industrial Interfaces: 12-pin connector for DC-supply, analog and several digital interfaces like 20-mA Current Loop, SSI, SPI, GPIOs, and internal USB.

with Radar chip RIC60A from Staal Technologies
60 GHz FMCW Radar Module for precise Distance Measurements
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